• TheNaitokurabu

      I drew a Bryan!

      4 years ago

      Well... it's been awhile since I've done this... but with the return of ScrewAttack, I decided to just go ahead and do it. That being, posting my picture from a while back, of my drawn Bryan. 

      I'm definitly no master artist and I can pull apart afew things wrong with this picture, if I did so desire. But... after days of work, I'm finished with it. This is my picture of Bryan the Community Manager.


      My personal thoughts: This one took me... around 3 days to make. From starting out with the cap, and slowly making my way to the beard. Meaning, I put a fare amount of effort into this (Though please don't let this change your stance on the criticism you'll give me). My main complant, is the beard. It's not Bryan's beard. It's too curved and not big enough, or "sharp" enough. That, and minor complants about the eyes. They're too small.

      So that's my picture. Now g1's. I am asking you guys directly. Who should I sketch next?


      or Chad?

      (These are not the finals pictures) 


      You can find me around the forums

      - g1 Naito

    • TheNaitokurabu

      I drew a Craig.

      4 years ago

      I like to draw. I like to blog (occasionlly). So why not make an Art Blog? amirite!?

      Anyway, think of this as "What's to come". I know the picture of Craig at Magfest, is quite overdone, fan-art wise, but I decided to give it a shot. Tell me how I did :3 If you'd be so kind.

      My personal complants: I drew this is around... 30 minutes. It was really a spur of the moment thing, so I could definitly put more effort in next time. If I did it again, I'd need to also learn to put down my pencil harder, as in retrospective, I hadn't applied enough force and it looks quite faint. I also need to learn how to draw pupils, and in general, more realistic eyes. That, and the nose ain't crooked enough (Sorry Craig ^_^).

      So yep. This was only a test. And I've experiments to run, but expect more ScrewAttack centered arts in the future.


      You can find me around the forums

      - g1 TheNaitokurabu (Naito)

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