They Call Me The Fizz

Posted on 1/30/13 8:47am

So ScrewAttack Got Themselves A Brand New Green Screen...

Here's the Fizz's entry in the Green Screen contest...

Maury V. wrote on They Call Me The Fizz's profile.
Posted on 10/27/12 4:56pm

Hey Fizz! It's not often I come to S-A these days but thanks for the subscription. I'm hoping to get more episodes uploaded in the future.

Dukect wrote on They Call Me The Fizz's profile.
Posted on 10/19/12 9:50am

Hey man I posted some new reviews here If ya have tame check them out thanks

Posted on 9/3/12 5:40pm


Sorry Jared, but I decided it was time to dust this bad boy off...

Posted on 7/3/12 7:08pm

Hmmm... Everybody's been putting up SGC content... I wonder if I should reupload my award-winning SGC 2010 montage

Posted on 6/11/12 3:36pm

BIG 3 @ E3 - Nutshell'D

Relive E3 2012's "Big 3" Press Conferences... as seen through the eyes of The Fizz!

Posted on 6/6/12 11:33am

Wreck-It Ralph unveils its first trailer (with cameos a-plenty!)

The trailer for Disney's upcoming ode to the arcade is out. How many characters can you identify?

Posted on 5/24/12 8:33am

Welp... I'm moving out of my college dorm today. My connections with the internet are going to be a bit limited from hereon...

Posted on 5/23/12 8:21pm

Just remembered that I still have some of my old Screw-A-Poops on my hard drive... Wondering if I should repost them/make new ones...

Posted on 5/22/12 3:14pm

Well the site's back up... Time to re-learn how everything works... again... *blows kazoo*

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