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incognito gamers FB page

Posted 1 year ago on 12/20
A new video game FB page... And its interactive!!!!!

my top 10: characters i think should be in playstation all stars

Posted 1 year ago on 11/28
What characters deserve to be an all star? Find out here.

what some people don't understand about deathbattle

Posted 1 year ago on 11/1
some things you may not know on how deathbattle works.

FOUR new characters for Playstation All-stars Battle Royale

Posted 1 year ago on 8/15 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
Sony reveals some new challengers.

Kingdom Hearts review part 1

Posted 2 years ago on 7/19
Is the first Kingdom hearts worth buying. Find out!! in this 4 part review

My Kingdom Hearts 2 review

Posted 2 years ago on 7/18
Yes the pics are odd but my computer is being dumb right now

RUMOR a home console may go away

Posted 2 years ago on 7/17

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