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4/15/14 2:56pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

Titanfall - Feel like a Winner

Even when you lose, you feel like a winner
4/15/14 11:21am

Burn Cards for Titans? I approve of this

4/9/14 8:40am

Just got done trying out Fulgore, I knew I was going to like it, I knew I was going to play it, but WOW. I have found my second character to focus my attention on! Double Helix, you guys will be missed but DAMN you guys went out on such a high note!

4/4/14 11:26pm

Goat Simulator - I am without words

3/28/14 7:54pm

The ScrewAttack Network - I approve of this

3/20/14 1:13am

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes - I approve of this

3/17/14 11:33am
fabio73 wrote on Tom the Iron Man's profile.


3/12/14 2:27am

I am not surprising anyone by saying Titanfall is great fun, go get it!

3/7/14 12:43am

I don't always play PC games, but when I do, they are usually platform exclusive. Such is the case (for now) for a title called "Gigantic Army" and if you're a fan of Lucasart's old slice of mecha heaven, Metal Warriors, this game is for you! For a mere pittance of $6 I am positively loving it. I do hope it gets a release on XBLA, the pixel art is delightful and it would look grand on an HDTV. For now, get it, it is on Steam.....and before you ask....yes.....it has trading cards if that is something that rings your bell.

3/4/14 4:42pm

Wrapping up the MAGFest edit of the Super Riff Brothers panel. A lot of the video did not turn out very well so I'm taking an extra step that hopefully you guys will like.

3/1/14 8:15pm

So very happy to see after a long absence of posting the rest of the MAGFest videos that the Comment Hate video has done as well has it has. You g1s are the best. Cheers!

2/27/14 11:15pm

The latest DEATH BATTLE was goddamn amazing, a new personal favorite!

2/20/14 9:26am

Sorry there hasn't been a new MAGFest panel video in a few weeks, school was MURDER. I'll be getting back on track TONIGHT! :D

1/15/14 1:01pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

Ellen McLain Q&A at MAGfest 12

The voice of GlaDOS, The Adminsitrator, Gipsy Danger, and MOAR returns for her second MAGFest!
1/12/14 7:44pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

Making a Game - The Adventures of AVGN Adventures at MAGFest 12

How did the most rewarding game of 2013 come to be?
1/9/14 9:58pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

JonTron Q&A from MAGfest 12

The "lost" JonTron panel at MAGFest 12!
1/9/14 9:27pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new show


January 2nd-5th, the most incredible MAGFest to date all caught on film.
1/9/14 12:53am

MAGFest 12 - holy hell. It was EASILY the best MAGFest I've ever been to, and trust me I've got a TON of videos to share with you from all the panels that were recorded. Big thanks goes out to g1 Clayvman and g1 Obsidian Sigma for manning the cameras at two of the panels. You guys did great!

1/2/14 12:21am

The 2013 ScrewAttack Royal Rumble...my god my heart.....that ending....the struggle.......but in the end, it was Ben who was Demon Flipped! I approve of this #TeamAkuma


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