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8/15/14 8:01am
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

How to get your content seen on ScrewAttack at SGC 2014

All the best practices to get your content seen, straight from the HQ staff!
8/5/14 2:24pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

Opening Ceremonies at SGC 2014

The Wildest Weekend in the South started with a heartwarming video from Hybrid Rain and hey and hello from the HQ crew.
7/31/14 8:00am
Tom the Iron Man posted a new show
SGC 2014

SGC 2014

The Wildest Weekend in the South returns
7/31/14 12:12am


7/28/14 7:50pm

My fellow g1s, I sincerely apologize that I haven't gotten a chance to post any of the SGC videos, IRL nonsense kicked my squarely in the ass last week and my two days off from work I thought I had were suddenly called upon to do things I really had to do to keep a roof over my head. Enough of that though, tomorrow I will start with a supercut of Day Zero - The Raid on Dave and Busters and have that up ASAP. Stay tuned true believers and get ready to relive the wild weekend that was SGC 2014.

7/7/14 8:09pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

SGC 2014 Panel Announcement

Get equipped with SGC Hype
6/26/14 7:13am

Two weeks from today, it will be Day Zero for SGC, and the party for the g1 Nation really starts on day zero. GET HYPE

6/13/14 7:59am

VitaTV is now PlaystationTV and is finally coming stateside this fall. Still no word whether it has HDCP over HDMI for games, and still no confirmation that the Dual Shock 4 can be used for Vita/PSP games. I'm getting nervous.

6/10/14 2:16am

Just got done doing an epic stream for Super Ultra Dead Rising 3: Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX+Alpha DURING the Sony presser and had an incredible turnout despite all odds! Great people, great times, and believe you me, a bunch of highlights to be made into great videos for the g1 Nation! :D

6/3/14 12:16pm

Seriously excited to dive in deep on the passion project today, much footage to be recorded, ideas to be realized. I'm excited, hope you guys will "get" it when it is finally done.

6/2/14 2:06am

I just realized with Blip canceling my account that all my old "blog" videos that predated the creations of shows for v5 are now unwatchable. I will be making a fast transition to get those videos back up here on ScrewAttack for you, my fellow g1s.

5/31/14 4:59pm

Loving the new assets that have been put up for the ScrewAttack Network, going to be taking full advantage of them in an upcoming video that is a true passion project. GET HYPE.

5/30/14 4:55pm
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video
5/25/14 6:09pm

Loving the intro bumper for the ScrewAttack Network, I'll definetly be adding it to my videos from now on #g1Nation

5/23/14 7:24am

So Shelby has done an audition for Hard News and goddammit if it wasn't great. Check it out and if you think she did a great job, SHARE it and let the HQ staff know that a new host has been found! http://www.screwattack.com/video/Hard-News-Audition-May-2014-12837914

5/22/14 2:34am

So I showed my mother the Love/Hate World of Tanks, I think she finally understands what I do online now. She also thinks Evil Craig is hilarious. :D

5/16/14 1:12am

One year ago, the internet bore witness to my SideScrollers birthday challenge of The Sink Point #Kappa

5/15/14 11:15am
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video

Tanks for the Memories - That just happened

Last game of the night, helping Werdman rank up in Tier 4, Clayvman decided to switch to Artillery, and then...this happened.
5/7/14 9:29am
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video
5/6/14 10:14am
Tom the Iron Man posted a new video