Posted on 6/4/12 12:41pm

Microsoft @ E3 was nothing to special in my opinion. RE6 Demo looks awesome prob my biggest title of the year. Halo 4 and COD B-OPs meh. my biggest surprise was seeing the South Park game I cant wait to see the progess of the game and play it next year. One last this is going to you Rare you make me so said i think i am finally giving up on you. its been now 4 years i wait to see the magic initials KI and nothing. Fighting games are so big right now. i don't understand why you as a company don't like money and wan't to make this game

Posted on 5/25/12 9:56am

Thinking of doing a show for ScrewAttack. With the new DLC for the site it just makes it that much easier. Only problem is coming up with an idea and actually producing it well.