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7/8/13 10:36pm
Ryan Davis passes on

Ryan Davis passes on

11/23/12 3:52pm
TWiSTEDmerc posted a new video

Giant Bomb Best of Quick Looks -- The Ridiculous Encounter

I thought it was ridiculous when I saw the ‘screaming headless guy’ running with bombs, but that’s only where it starts with the Bomb-squad.
9/4/12 9:49am
TWiSTEDmerc posted a new video

Best of the Giant Bomb Quick Looks: Black Shark 2

The ‘Russian Federal Army’ reminds you to never open a helicopter door while engines are engaged
8/15/12 6:21pm
Review: God of War III (2010)

Review: God of War III (2010)

Don't stand in this guy's way, he'll kill you
7/10/12 9:53pm
TWiSTEDmerc posted a new video

Classic Game Intros – Blaster Master: Blasting Again

Get a fast trip to the 3D past of Cavern Blastin’ Action
6/30/12 10:29am
TWiSTEDmerc posted a new video

Classic Game Intros – Lego Rock Raiders

Those shiny Legos are gonna fly to pieces when that asteroid hits
6/23/12 10:11am
TWiSTEDmerc posted a new video

Classic Game Intros - Battleship: Surface Thunder

All hands man your Battle Stations!
6/23/12 12:59am
TWiSTEDmerc posted a new show
TWiSTEDmerc Media

TWiSTEDmerc Media

Where my videos are - all of them
6/8/12 9:26am
Review: Ape Escape (1999)

Review: Ape Escape (1999)

One leap forward for platformers, one legion of devilish, smart, cosplaying monkeys!
5/22/12 11:54pm

Aaah, writing this next review is a thorn in my buttock (finding just the right tone to play it on isn't clicking). Thanks to that damn Battleship movie hullabaloo, I can't get my mind off of... not saying it. Maybe something will come out of that and... ooh, more subscribers :) I work hard now.


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