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Two-Bit Specialist's Wall

11/16/13 12:26pm

Happy Saturday, people.

5/16/13 4:52pm

Just seeing if this wall thing still works.

11/19/12 8:30pm

Disney protagonists as Pokemon Trainers. That's something I'm kinda working on.

11/15/12 12:42pm

Is Game Theory still a SA partner? I just noticed he put out a new video last week on YouTube.

11/6/12 1:25pm

This morning I did the most pitiful run of Mega Man 2 yet. I mean, I finished the game in about an hour and a half, but it was clumsy.

10/29/12 12:06pm

R.I.P. Normal Boots

10/24/12 2:22pm
Branch wrote on Two-Bit Specialist's profile.

Thanks for the sub

10/3/12 9:41am

Good-bye availability for short-notice SA events, hello San Antonio and marriage!

9/25/12 5:18pm

At the risk of sounding like a complete madman, Jared's review of The Last Story solidifies my stance that reviews shouldn't be above criticism and reviews CAN be wrong. There, I just shattered whatever credibility I had left.

9/21/12 3:25pm

Pokemon Pearl update: Seen 292 Pokemon (forgot how many I've actually caught). I'm kinda going by order, so now I'm going for the Hoenn wild Pokemon.

9/19/12 6:51pm

Pokemon Pearl update: Seen 277 Pokemon, Caught 178 (these games are more concerned with the former than the latter, unlike previous gens). Still a ways to go. Pokemon left to catch are the ones that show up in swarms and fishing.

9/14/12 11:20am

Why is Pokemon so addicting? Now that I've become the Champion in Pearl, the ability to capture hundreds of new Pokemon has become available, so guess what I'm doing?

9/5/12 2:14pm

Getting close to beating the Elite Four. It's not that my team sucks. I'm just grossly underpowered. Remedying that.

8/23/12 4:44pm

Finished today Super Mario 64 DS with all 150 Power Stars and unlocking all mini-games.

8/21/12 3:41pm

Nintendo Power is calling it quits. I have every issue since November 2000. What a sad day.

8/16/12 5:13pm

Today I review Avenging Spider-Man #9 and #10 on the Crawlspace. Please show it some love. http://t.co/jAVJaHYj

8/8/12 4:12pm

DS owners: has it ever happened to you that you are playing, accidentally touch the game card slot, and caused the game to freeze? #dslite

8/8/12 2:36pm

So apparently #ScrewAttack vs. Equestria Daily didn't have a whole lot of friendship or magic last night.

8/7/12 6:27pm

What should I be playing right now? Zelda or Pokemon?