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9/2/14 7:49pm

So is anybody but me planning to get an Amibo(and if so which ones).

9/1/14 8:42am

Well the second trailer for Persona 5 is up(finally). Looks pretty interesting with a definite shift in tone and art style. For those of you sick of P4/P3 milking it also looks like we get a completely new protagonist with no past characters in sight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y5U8n4Ie3I

8/29/14 11:08am

Surprised nobodies commented on Shulk in smash bros yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrDAQvB9flg

8/28/14 9:18pm

You wake up tomorrow as the protagonist of the last game you played. You retain all your prior knowledge of the games story,characters, layouts and gameplay. How long do you survive.

8/26/14 1:40pm

So anyway Bowser's army part one is mostly done. I'm visiting my cousin this week though, so I probably wont finish it up and post it until early next week though.

8/25/14 10:10pm

and sh$t just got real with the smash leaks. Rumor is Nintendo found the guy responsible and he's a NOA employee who had a physical copy of the game. Apparently he was connected to the ESRB somewhat,but was only supposed to send video to them(just to be clear he's at fault, not them). The guys apparently been fired and is going to get sued(you know if this rumor isn't false).

8/25/14 8:59am

and the leak is most definitely real. we have footage now(look before it's taken down). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9eH1JfkkPw&index=1&list=UUsKwxhG3ioc6FDK...

8/24/14 6:41pm

A bit more info about the smash leaks for anybody interested. There are about 3 leaks right now people are interested in.The leak I mentioned before with the pics and the most evidence is call the esrb leak, and that claims Bowser Jr, dark pit,dr mario,shulk and duck hunt dog are playable. Another text leak that came out before the esrb leak is called the vanross leak and claims all the characters above are in and that snake,lucas,wolf, ice climbers, squirtle and ivysaur are cut. A final leak called the ninka leak claims all those characters are in, as well as Ridely,Dixie,chorus kids,Mewtwo. Ninka also says ice climbers actually are in. The only one people are leaning towards being true is esrb right now, and the rest are just piggy backing off that(if it turns out right, people will assume one of the other two is right as well).

8/21/14 11:17am

Alternate superman vs Goku ending. http://www.dorkly.com/video/67229/whos-emotionally-stronger-superman-or-goku#!bHvuLa

8/20/14 11:28am

Well gamefaqs has been going crazy over the last day about a new leak of some kind for smash. Apparently some pics have come out from multiple leakers and people are having a hard time proving them fake(here they are by the way http://i.imgur.com/deR87uH.png?1 ). According to the reports the roster at the moment(which doesn't have everyone unlocked apparently), has Bowser Jr, dark pit,dr mario,shulk and duck hunt dog as unrelieved characters.

8/18/14 11:48pm

Just got up to date on telltale's walking dead series(aka life sucks then you die the game).

8/13/14 1:35am
MythKirby wrote on ultraguy's profile.

Hey ultraguy, would you be down for making a blog for Donkey Kong? I would recommend Po, King Kong (even though its a mismatch) and Knuckles as opponents.

8/12/14 8:45pm

Random thought. Did you know shy guys are surprisingly badass?I've looked over them a bit and so far they can fly, have tons of acrobatic skills,can heal,raise the attack power of allies, can pilot several different mini airships/vehicles,use various costumes with special powers and wield all manners of weaponry including hammers,spears,flamthrowers,cannon hats and giant maces. Not only that but they have a sub species called anti-guys, that may be the most physically powerful and resilient soldiers in Bowser's ranks. Literally Bower could have a army fight with just shy guys and he would probably still be able to handle most situations.

8/4/14 11:33pm

Manondorth enters the fight! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vfh3YpvxHQ

8/4/14 11:36am

NEXT TIME ON DEATH BATTLE!!...(ok not really). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LENsQ0Qo6IA

8/2/14 9:03pm

OK so I think I figured out what I'm going to do. The Bowser army blog is going to be 2 parts and I'm going to do the Pac-Man blog in between. Bowser's army part 1 will look at minor enemies and bosses from the series. I don't want to choose things haphazardly though, so I'm going to focus on analyzing and grouping minor enemies of Bowser's army into different "divisions" and then assigning them a major boss characters as "leader/generals" to those divisions. Right now the groups are Goombas:King goomba,Koopas:Koopa bros,Shy guys:General guy,Bob-ombs:Big Bob-omb, Magikoopas:Kammy,Hammer bro:army hammer bro, Pirrana plants:Petty Piranna, lakitu:Giga lakitu, Bloopers:Glooper Blooper,Whomps:Whomp King, Monty moles:Major Burrows and finally chain chomps and bullet bills(which have no leaders). Part 2 will have the major elite characters like the Koopalings,Jr, Kamek, Boom, pom and the elite 3, as well as the artillery(ships, mechs, ect).

8/2/14 6:12pm

This is by far the most badass play through of any game I have ever scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAok98ov6q0

8/1/14 4:31pm

So I've decided what I'm going to do next.I'm either going to do a follow up blog on Bowser with his army or a pac-man blog, with the first option being decided based on how much work I think I'll need to put into it.

7/24/14 4:23pm

Aww no front page for me(I thought I was special). Whatever I still got a decent amount of comments regardless though, so I'm happy.