Posted on 8/2/15 10:48pm

I need to get up early tomorrow. Better stay up till 2:30! I don't need to go anywhere until 4 tomorrow. I'm gonna turn in early tonight!......why is my brain so stupid?

Posted on 7/28/15 12:05pm

So I decided to see who the creators of School-live where. Turns out they have connections to Magi Madoka and a reputation for making phycologically messed up games and anime.

Homestucklover wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 7/26/15 6:44pm

Soooo... How about that School-Live?

Homestucklover wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 7/26/15 6:44pm

Soooo... How about that School-Live?

Posted on 7/25/15 12:16pm

So anybody but me just want Pit to fight Kratos in a death battle just the see the resulting rage of the fights probable outcome.

Posted on 7/23/15 12:14am

So spoilers from tv tropes on why Persona dancing all night is secretly a fairly dark mindf#$k.

Yoshirocks92 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 7/22/15 11:54pm

Hey there Ultra.

Wyrmling2 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 7/22/15 9:31pm

Thx for the sub, man!

Posted on 7/22/15 8:41pm

So I've decided to update my Yu blog before moving on to a new character. Kinda noticed something HUGE regarding the Yu vs Jotaro debate. Personas and stands seem pretty similar in terms of construction and attributes. Could that mean Yu could seal Jotaro's stand with an attack that causes the silence status effect? ......of course from a logical standpoint speed is still an issue, but I hadn't thought about that before.

Posted on 7/20/15 6:57pm
Grand Blazer wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 7/19/15 2:56pm

So something I'm curious about for the next fight, but in terms of the comics how exactly is the Genisis Wave reboot gonna play into Knuckles' analysis? Are you guys ignoring everything pre-GW and only using post, or are both of them being included?

Posted on 7/19/15 12:09am

You know I don't want to be rude.....but just F$#K dragonball. Seriously can we all agree that we should never have a character from that series in a DB again(cept for MAYBE Roshi and Hercule).

Posted on 7/17/15 8:20pm

Not sure how many people saw this, though in my opinion it seems to be the most accurate/ in dept analysis of the Goku v Superman rematch fight on the site thus far.

Posted on 7/14/15 5:08pm

Don't believe this opening. The Shool live manga/anime is a horrific mindf#$K.

Posted on 7/14/15 4:33pm

So I've decided on who my next death analysis will be on. Either Shantae or Nui Harime(kill la kill). I also might be doing a DB related collab soon as well.

Posted on 7/13/15 7:45pm

Has anybody but me ever had the problem of going to another website and a noticing DB getting thrashed the second i gets brought up in any discussion.

Posted on 7/12/15 8:20pm

UUUHGH I always knew some Nintendo bigwigs would pass away during my life time, but I was hoping for another 10-20s at least .Rip Nintendo president Iwata.

ultraguy posted a new blog article
Posted on 7/10/15 7:55pm

Death Analysis: Bowser's Army Part 3

Yep. This is still a thing I'm doing.

Posted on 7/9/15 8:01pm

I'm on that weird part of the internet again aren't I.

Posted on 7/5/15 7:29am

Just finished reading the Madoka rebellion manga. Homura's still awesome, but I'm pretty convinced she's really balls of the wall insane at this point.

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