Yoshirocks92 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 8/30/15 5:09pm

Hey there, so remember that time I was looking for an opponent for Lugia and you told me that there was a dragon from Skyrim that Lugia could face as well, did you find one of them?

Posted on 8/28/15 5:24pm

So I think "Link/Cloud is biased because Link got ALL his weapons and Cloud got nothing" is my new most hated blatant lie in the DB fandom(or at least second behind all the Peach/Zelda stuff).

Posted on 8/27/15 12:52am

Huh the Shantae vs Shovel knight wars on gamefaqs are getting heated.

Posted on 8/25/15 8:25pm

Holy sh#t those Metal gear solid 5 spoilers.

Posted on 8/24/15 11:07am

Finally got all my hiragana down, now onto katakana.

Posted on 8/22/15 8:25pm

Has anybody but me read Ranma and thought he should have F#@king snapped and murdered all the supporting characters in that show?

Posted on 8/20/15 11:32pm

A PERSONA SONIC CROSSOVER!!!!!!!?????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC882mGE09o

Posted on 8/18/15 2:26pm

After a week of waiting the forums finally got a Raiden vs Wolverine thread. ...Then it got locked in an hour because of idiocy.

Posted on 8/17/15 6:54pm

Anime is so f#@king weird.

Posted on 8/16/15 11:34pm

Just beat the true final boss of bloodborne.

Posted on 8/14/15 8:51pm

Random question time. What video game character would you want as a roomate, who would you want as a body guard, who as a parent and who would you marry?

Hero's Shade wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 8/13/15 8:56am

Check your inbox pls

Posted on 8/12/15 9:38pm

So serious debate. Who wants to talk in depth about who would win in a Dedede/Bowser/K.Rool army battle.

Posted on 8/9/15 4:33pm

Do you guys think I should make a deviant art page? I love it here, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't benefit me to place my blogs somewhere that gets more traffic as well.

Posted on 8/7/15 11:27am

Just finished watching a lets play of the most f#$ked up piece of shit game I've ever come across in my whole life. I'm gonna go mind bleach myself with a heavy dose of smash bros.

Homestucklover wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 8/5/15 4:44pm

Hey Ultra, do you know if the Crystal Coconut actually grants any wishes in the cartoon?

ultraguy posted a new blog article
Posted on 8/4/15 8:56pm

Death Analysis: Dr.Captain King Krusha Frainken Roolstein

Let's see what abilities King K.Rool has! ....also vote for him in smash.

Posted on 8/4/15 7:17pm

Hypothetical question. If DB did make a Bowser/Dedede/K.Rool match, would you be willing to wait longer than normal for it to come out?(and if so how long).

ConfusedKoala7 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 8/4/15 3:24pm

OMFG! 4 Subscribers! And one of the them is the D.B.O.R.T(Death Battle official research team!) SIGN MY TIIIIIITS!

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