Posted on 4/24/15 9:02pm

Knock knock

Posted on 4/21/15 12:24am

I swear persona dancing all night is so F$#king ridicules. I love the series, but I don't know if I can take this plot seriously.

Thor Gunderson1058 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/20/15 6:26am

Thanks So much for the Sub!! :D

Ninty64X wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/19/15 9:30pm

Thanks for the sub, I'll definitely get a new blog out soon!

Posted on 4/19/15 5:15pm

Random question. Persona 4 dancing all night turns out to be the darkest game in the series and everyone dies horribly. How do you react.

Posted on 4/15/15 10:49pm

So there's a rumor Roy and Ryu are set to be new smash DLC.

ghostgabe81 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/13/15 9:13pm

thanks for subscribing

LeoHightower wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/13/15 6:25pm

Yo thanks fror subscribing to my page, make sure to watch my Youtube Channel too! :) I don't often post on here, but I do when I can

Posted on 4/12/15 6:51pm

So question. What are everyone's thoughts on Call of Duty?

Grand Blazer wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/11/15 12:04pm

Has Ben told you guys on the research team what equipment Tony and Lex are getting in the next fight? Because debating is difficult when we don't know what exactly they'll have.

Torru369 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/11/15 12:31am

April 12th is once again near. Do you hope corocoro delivers again this year?

JHG1195 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 4/9/15 8:14pm

Hello there.

Posted on 4/9/15 12:43pm

and subscribe binge over(I think I have most of the regulars on the site now).

Posted on 4/9/15 12:22pm

Been awhile since I subbed someone. May go on a subscribing binge for a bit.

ultraguy posted a new blog article
Posted on 4/8/15 8:32pm

Smash Ballot: Ultraguy's Opinions and Thoughts

Ultraguy gives his thoughts on what characters are most likely to get in through smash ballot!

Posted on 4/6/15 12:17pm

Another unofficial smash ballot poll. Surprised Shantae is doing so well(common give those indie devs a rep Nintendo).

Posted on 4/4/15 11:57pm

Ok went ahead and made my list for the campaign blog. I based most everything off of how I think current polls are stacking up on most gaming sites. The front runners are Issac, K.Rool, Bayonetta, Wonder Red, Inkling and Snake. 3rd party candidates(besides bayonetta) are Layton, Rayman, Belmont, Shantae and Shovel knight. Underdogs are Dixie, Bandana Dee and Krystal.

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