Posted on 2/9/16 6:05pm

Ok I've decided. I'm going to make an updated Peach vs Zelda blog(with all the new info), than the 3 way army royal.

Posted on 2/9/16 1:29am

So what Death Battle forum threads aren't locked at this point?

Posted on 2/8/16 2:07pm

So I'm thinking about doing it. .....The fabled 2 way army royal blog..

ultraguy posted a new blog article
Posted on 2/6/16 11:45am

Best G1 Death Battle Blog of 2015 Contest Results!

Ultraguy reveals the winners of the 2015 Death Battle blog contest!

Posted on 2/4/16 11:52pm

Is Dark souls 2 easy or have I just played so much from software games I don't notice anymore.

EntangledHive wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 2/4/16 11:16pm

Shit, I totally forgot, sorry. Is it too late to cast my vote at this point?

Posted on 1/31/16 12:42pm

All the votes for my contest are counted up! Any last minute votes for anybody? The numbers are running fairly close and even one or two votes for the right person will change placements!

Yoshirocks92 wrote on ultraguy's profile.
Posted on 1/28/16 11:53pm

Hey Ultra.

Posted on 1/28/16 6:35pm

Only a few more days left to vote guys.

Posted on 1/26/16 7:18pm

Well I have an urge to check my animal crossing town now...

Posted on 1/26/16 2:37pm

This new layton game looks awesome, but wasn't he taller.....and not an electric rat?

Posted on 1/23/16 6:24pm

So finally finished everything in undertale. Great game....but now I want more....... An anime would be awesome from the art I've see(spoilers). , ,

Posted on 1/21/16 2:51pm
Posted on 1/21/16 12:17am

Finally beat sans in undertale(barely). Had a really bad time of it.

Posted on 1/19/16 1:00am

huh so I'm actually feeling conflicted over whether I should do a genocide run on undertale.

Posted on 1/18/16 9:45pm

Just finished one ending in untertale. Now time to get the others.

Posted on 1/16/16 11:02pm

Finished Fallout 4 and Finally got Undertale. Now all my friends can finally stop bugging me about it.

Posted on 1/16/16 6:19pm

So I think I might make a shipping blog in honor of valentines day. Any suggestions?

Posted on 1/15/16 11:05pm

Man I REALLY wish everybody in the persona and fire emblem fandoms would do the world a favor and shut the f@#k up about their skewed opinions on the modern directions of the franchises.

Posted on 1/14/16 12:57pm

So I decided to make a building so large it en-capsulizes an entire one of my settlements in fallout 4.

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