Posted on 3/31/15 11:39am

Reminder register both copies of smash on club nintendo BY THE END OF TODAY or no free Mewtwo.

Posted on 3/30/15 11:53am

Sudden realization. Once Mewtwo gets released people will start begging for the codes like mad, just like the demo codes a few months back.

Posted on 3/29/15 11:02pm

So random question. If you had to choose one world from a video game to live in,which would you choose. You don't need to be the protag(you can start as any role), and you retain any knowledge you have about the world/its story beforehand.

Posted on 3/29/15 12:28am

Sent some Pms about April fools day to a decent number of people today. May want to check if you got one if you haven't already.

Posted on 3/28/15 10:23pm

Huh. Two more subs and I'll be up to 80.

Posted on 3/25/15 1:05am

So I just finished reading Ranma 1/2......has anybody but me familiar with the character thought he should have snapped, turned evil and murdered the F#$k out of all the supporting characters in that manga?(like really they are all terrible people who do nothing but make his life harder).

Posted on 3/24/15 8:46pm

Random question time. You go on a road trip with the protaganists of the last game you played. How well does it go?

Posted on 3/23/15 8:55pm

Random youtube comment. "Have a Goku vs Naruto one minute melee and make Goku lose"......

Posted on 3/23/15 12:40am

and updated Peach v Zelda with a few more BullSH$t complaints.

Posted on 3/22/15 9:33pm

*Reads forums I think I may have to add a section about light arrows and the fact Hyrule warriors wasn't out yet to my Peach v Zelda blog.

Posted on 3/20/15 10:09pm

"courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality".......<The stupidest, most cheesy line ever stated in a tales game ever.

Posted on 3/20/15 6:34pm

Kids next door?.....

Posted on 3/18/15 8:17pm

Welp now that I have Peach/Zelda done I'm FINALLY going to finish Bowser's army part 3. After that I'll probably be done replaying tales chronicles, and I'll likely put up that Lloyde Irving blog.

ultraguy posted a new blog article
Posted on 3/18/15 4:39pm

Death Battle Predictions: Defending Peach vs Zelda

Yeahhhhhhhh...If people would stop complaining about Peach vs Zelda...that would be great..

Posted on 3/16/15 7:46pm

Welp my Zelda peach defense blog is almost done. I'l probably have it up tomorrow or later this week.

Posted on 3/14/15 10:32pm

Why is it that every gamer I meet either plays nothing but Cod,Ea sports games and "insert heavily letdown hyped game here" or is an incredibly overconfident tourney douche who bashes anything he isn't into?

Posted on 3/12/15 7:36pm

Red wants to fight?

Posted on 3/11/15 7:15pm

Somehow this kill la kill fanart makes me sad(probably because to the realization of what could have been).

Posted on 3/10/15 3:19pm


Posted on 3/10/15 12:17pm

So new Death Battle idea. Cranky Kong vs Scrouge mcduck.

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