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ultraguy's Wall

7/24/14 4:23pm

Aww no front page for me(I thought I was special). Whatever I still got a decent amount of comments regardless though, so I'm happy.

7/23/14 1:57am
Yoshirocks92 wrote on ultraguy's profile.

Thanks for the sub dude. You do a awesome job with your blogs and your work with the Death Battle Research Team.

7/22/14 12:34am

LINK SMASH LINK STRONGEST THERE IS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luk-ABuMxGA

7/21/14 3:25pm

and the Bowser blog is going up today!

7/15/14 5:30pm

DBZ is getting another movie next year. Cue fans asking for another rematch with Superman and super duper sayian god.

7/15/14 1:49pm

Huh Marie's a playable character in ultimax now(that came out of the left field).

7/14/14 7:44pm

..........I apologize for nothing http://i.imgur.com/xr6u9f9.jpg

7/14/14 9:04am

Fans: We want male/female robin, Lucina, or crom! Nintendo:why not all three?

7/11/14 5:35pm

So a new character gets revealed for smash on monday. Anyone want to make a bet as to who it will be?(My guess is Crom).

7/10/14 5:18pm

So I saw the first episode of persona 4 golden animation.........Yu definitely has new game plus hacks or something, because the first fight in the series was WAY more over the top than any of the fights in the old show.

7/10/14 9:10am

So that's were they plan to take the planet of the apes movies. http://www.dorkly.com/post/65358/fall-of-the-planet-of-the-apes

7/9/14 12:49am

Brand new smash character just got revealed. http://i.imgur.com/Z1FgVqf.jpg?1

7/1/14 1:12am

Looks like we have our first look at new Zelda hyrule warriors character Lana(and she's pretty god darn cool). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB31ie3ites

6/29/14 8:03pm

God it's hot where I'm living right now. My laptop already overheated 4 times today,and it's really starting to get on my nerves.

6/28/14 7:22pm

So there's a rumor we may get a new smash reveal today or tomorrow(at a japanese event). Don't know if it's true, but if it is who do you think it will be(I'm betting crom)..

6/25/14 4:17pm

So gamefaqs has dubbed Mewtwo,K.Krool and Ridely the "unholy trinity" of wanted newcomers for smash bros(because people really want them all, but they tend to start arguments whenever they get brung up).


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