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8/21/14 11:17am

Alternate superman vs Goku ending. http://www.dorkly.com/video/67229/whos-emotionally-stronger-superman-or-goku#!bHvuLa

8/20/14 11:28am

Well gamefaqs has been going crazy over the last day about a new leak of some kind for smash. Apparently some pics have come out from multiple leakers and people are having a hard time proving them fake(here they are by the way http://i.imgur.com/deR87uH.png?1 ). According to the reports the roster at the moment(which doesn't have everyone unlocked apparently), has Bowser Jr, dark pit,dr mario,shulk and duck hunt dog as unrelieved characters.

8/18/14 11:48pm

Just got up to date on telltale's walking dead series(aka life sucks then you die the game).

8/13/14 1:35am
MythKirby wrote on ultraguy's profile.

Hey ultraguy, would you be down for making a blog for Donkey Kong? I would recommend Po, King Kong (even though its a mismatch) and Knuckles as opponents.

8/12/14 8:45pm

Random thought. Did you know shy guys are surprisingly badass?I've looked over them a bit and so far they can fly, have tons of acrobatic skills,can heal,raise the attack power of allies, can pilot several different mini airships/vehicles,use various costumes with special powers and wield all manners of weaponry including hammers,spears,flamthrowers,cannon hats and giant maces. Not only that but they have a sub species called anti-guys, that may be the most physically powerful and resilient soldiers in Bowser's ranks. Literally Bower could have a army fight with just shy guys and he would probably still be able to handle most situations.

8/4/14 11:33pm

Manondorth enters the fight! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vfh3YpvxHQ

8/4/14 11:36am

NEXT TIME ON DEATH BATTLE!!...(ok not really). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LENsQ0Qo6IA

8/2/14 9:03pm

OK so I think I figured out what I'm going to do. The Bowser army blog is going to be 2 parts and I'm going to do the Pac-Man blog in between. Bowser's army part 1 will look at minor enemies and bosses from the series. I don't want to choose things haphazardly though, so I'm going to focus on analyzing and grouping minor enemies of Bowser's army into different "divisions" and then assigning them a major boss characters as "leader/generals" to those divisions. Right now the groups are Goombas:King goomba,Koopas:Koopa bros,Shy guys:General guy,Bob-ombs:Big Bob-omb, Magikoopas:Kammy,Hammer bro:army hammer bro, Pirrana plants:Petty Piranna, lakitu:Giga lakitu, Bloopers:Glooper Blooper,Whomps:Whomp King, Monty moles:Major Burrows and finally chain chomps and bullet bills(which have no leaders). Part 2 will have the major elite characters like the Koopalings,Jr, Kamek, Boom, pom and the elite 3, as well as the artillery(ships, mechs, ect).

8/2/14 6:12pm

This is by far the most badass play through of any game I have ever scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAok98ov6q0

8/1/14 4:31pm

So I've decided what I'm going to do next.I'm either going to do a follow up blog on Bowser with his army or a pac-man blog, with the first option being decided based on how much work I think I'll need to put into it.

7/24/14 4:23pm

Aww no front page for me(I thought I was special). Whatever I still got a decent amount of comments regardless though, so I'm happy.

7/23/14 1:57am
Yoshirocks92 wrote on ultraguy's profile.

Thanks for the sub dude. You do a awesome job with your blogs and your work with the Death Battle Research Team.

7/22/14 12:34am

LINK SMASH LINK STRONGEST THERE IS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luk-ABuMxGA

7/21/14 3:25pm

and the Bowser blog is going up today!

7/15/14 5:30pm

DBZ is getting another movie next year. Cue fans asking for another rematch with Superman and super duper sayian god.

7/15/14 1:49pm

Huh Marie's a playable character in ultimax now(that came out of the left field).

7/14/14 7:44pm

..........I apologize for nothing http://i.imgur.com/xr6u9f9.jpg