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  • 2200

    Hey! The name's 22! Which is short for 2200.... I know, its weird. I get it already :P Love playing video games, reading manga, watching anime and just an all-around geek! I love writing blogs and interacting with g1s...
  • 323starlight

    Proud gamer and a diehard Zelda Fan. I also love pokemon and more. I am a Youtuber of the same username with a small reputation. I am also owner of the PMD fan comic, Beyond the Sky. I am currently a senior in high...
  • A Zero 2 Hero

    Just your average friendly neighborhood crazy person strolling and trolling along. Hey, baby, whatya say we skip this whole Chatroulette and Tumblr over to Myspace to watch some YouTube. Afterwards you can Twitter my...
  • Advantage Content

    Thanks for being such strong supporters of ScrewAttack and our content partners. Here's where you'll find content that was produced just for Advantage Members. If you're not an Advantage Member don't be sad, you can...
  • Aelaesu

    eym aylayzoop deil wyt et
  • AkumaTh

    A spriter who's been making sprite comics and such related things for about 10 years.
  • Alpha Unit

    I used to like this website.
  • Ben Singer

    I direct, write, edit, and perform for a variety of different productions, but my main show is DEATH BATTLE! Check out my TWITTER and FACEBOOK for more Benness. That's a word now.
  • Branch

    Thanks to G1 Waspinator37 for my banner picture. 16 year old g1 from the UK, My favourite game series of all time is Pokemon although I also play a lot of fighters and music rhythm games. Supporter of Team Yoshi. My...
  • caboose_-1

    I grew up with Nintendo consoles (N64 is the best console EVER btw) but recently I've become a big PC gamer. I'm slowly getting back into retro gaming, I hope to get either a Genesis or SNES soon. I'm also slowly...
  • CaztheGamerGuy

    Like on Facebook to keep updates on news and updates. Follow me on Twitter! for all my thoughts. A man of few words with a passion for reviewing games and entertaining everyone! If you have any requests, go ahead...
  • Chad

    My name is Chad James, Brand Manager for ScrewAttack and commissioner for the Iron-Man of Gaming. I do some show writing (usually for Clip of the Week), Host Hard News, co-host SideScrollers, co-write DEATH BATTLE! and...
  • Charge_Shot

    Hey there g1s and lurkers! I'm just a guy who likes videogames. I like other media too but mostly games. I find it ironic that despite my interest in games that death battle is what draws me here the most. My friends...
  • Chikumo

    http://unofficialsagame.blogspot.com/ Look at it... I know you want to. So I am one of the people currently working on the unofficial ScrewAttack game, and I hope that you will enjoy it once it is completed. Keep...
  • Clip of the Week

    ScrewAttack's weekly "skit" show. Join the crew through their adventures... which usually spawn from watching old video game commercials.
  • comicking428.

    I'm not much of a video poster, but I do have a movie reviewing blog that you should check out! http://bradyrlass.tumblr.com/
  • CrazyDuck

    Hello there ! I live in Belgium, have been playing Sega since I was a little kid, playing every new game that was delivered in our store. Now I have a massive Sega collection that I'm quite proud off but I also have...