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      Anarchy Reigns Delay

      4 years ago

      Anarchy Reigns is a beat-em up styled fighter from the good people at Platinum Games. If you've been following it since it was announced, it has a lot of characters from the Wii game, Madworld and even has Bayonetta getting in on the fun. You will also know that its' US and EU release date was changed from next month to TBC (to be confirmed/determined). Well, now fans of the game have a new release date....and it's next year.


      According to this a Twitter post  from Sega themselves, the game might not come out until early 2013. This confuses most...well lets be honest, it pretty much confuses anyone who was waiting for the game and lives outside of Japan.   The game is done and fully localized. Many people are playing the demo and have the option of playing the entire thing in English as I type this.

      So why is Sega  not only deciding not to release it during the summer, where there is no competetion to speak of, but having it compete with other games that are planned to come out around the same time (Tomb Raider and DMC reboots). How do you guys feel about this? FYI: The JP release date is still set for July 5th of this year.

      Update: Apparently, this is news to Platinum too. gamingeverything.com/23186/platinum-games-comments-on-anarchy-reigns-delay-overseas/

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