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6/8/13 8:08pm

A project I'm working on to further corrupt your childhood: http://parasitesofrapture.tumblr.com/tagged/poketank

12/14/12 1:53pm


10/19/12 9:18am

Halloween Chopper For the mofo'n WIN!

9/26/12 4:00pm

Thanks to Sam, I have an idea for a ME pic lol. All sfw....for now.....until I get bored...or giddy.

7/5/12 4:29pm
SunsetLaw wrote on VenomPool64's profile.

gooooooooooooooddamn NICE PICTURE of Chopper/Frankie you got there. Just saw your comment in my article and HAD to comment about it :D

6/19/12 11:08am
Anarchy Reigns Delay

Anarchy Reigns Delay

Hey, Americans and Europeans! Wanna play Anarchy Reigns?
5/22/12 9:25pm

This is awesome to the nth power!


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