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9/10/13 2:11pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Videogame Deaths Supercut

A Supercut of classic videogame deaths.
7/22/13 6:44pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Resident Evil's Leon Kennedy Meets The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes (VKMTV)

What happens when Rick Grimes and Leon Kennedy get together at a local bar? Are you team Resident Evil or Team Walking Dead? Or do you just love zombies from any source.
4/9/13 4:30pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

VKMTV - Show To Be Named Later (Episode 10) (Nintendo Disney Capcom Games)

Joe and Dave riff on some of the Capcom Disney Videogames in honor of the news of DUCKTALES being rereleased in HD. Yeah, we know Ducktales, Darkwing Duck and Chip and Dale are classic Nintendo games, but that won't stop us from cracking wise.
1/29/13 12:12am
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Show To Be Named Later (Episode 7) (Cartoon Allstars To The Rescue)

Joe and Dave take a look at 'Cartoon Allstars to The Rescue'. Along the way they get visited by Batman, Chuck Norris, Garfield, Yakko, and more. They also get jiggy with a DRUG Remix and are threatened by Smurfs. They also riff, lots of riffing.
1/29/13 12:05am
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Show To Be Name Later Episode 9 (Back To The Future and Ace Ventura Cartoon Christmas Special)

For all those looking to make the Christmas feeling last a little longer. It’s a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL of ‘Show To Be Named Later’! Find out why Ace Ventura is a lot like Brad Pitt, A visit to the Island of Misfit Toys, Why Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown ruined Christmas and much much much much much more.
1/15/13 3:02pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Miss the 80's? Here's every single guest star "Doing the Mario" on the Super Mario Bros Super Show in 4 minutes

A strange and hypnotizing super cut of all Mario and Luigi's famous sign off featuring lookalikes, Cyndi Lauper, Sgt. Slaughter, Ernie Hudson, Winny Cooper, Magic Johnson, Rowdy Piper and SHABA DOO!
11/30/12 1:07pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Angry Video Game Nerd plays TMNT 3 The Manhattan Project (Stop Motion)

So a long time ago James Rolfe was nice enough to send a vocal to be used in a stop motion video I did called 'A Turtlementary' (which is available at dailymotion.com/vkmtv). I decided to go back and just re dub the video to new stop motion video.
10/19/12 10:50pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

VKMTV - Show To Be Named Later (Episode 8) Freddy Krueger (No More Mr Nice Guy)

In Episode 8 of 'Show To Be Named Later' we watch Freddy Krueger's Origin Story. Suddenly we have to learn of Freddy's America's Got Talent Skills, His NWO Ties, and also have to deal with our own Nightmares. Also Guest Starring Little Mikey of the Howard Stern Show doing the 'Drake and Josh Parody Theme'.
9/19/12 12:25am
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Cartoon Drug Allstars Drug Remix

A remix for all the kids who saw one too many PSAs as a 90's Kid. This remix is from 'A Show To Be Named Later' Episode 7 (Cartoon Allstars to The Rescue).
9/10/12 6:43pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

VKMTV - Show To Be Named Later (Episode 6) (Child's World)

The newest episode has us riffing on a hand out VHS from the defunct toy store known as 'Child's World'. Featuring a crossdressing Stuttering Craig Doppelganger.
6/28/12 4:54pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Garfield and Friends Visit a Strip Club and MAKE IT RAIN!

US Acres crew making it rain at a strip club!. Garfield and Friends being pervy! http://vkmtvstudios.tumblr.com/ will have all the latest news/projects and sitcom esque hijinks! Subscribe herre (DO IT NOW!) and follow us at tumblr.
6/27/12 11:51am
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

The World of Horror (If It was Covered like ESPN Sports Center)

What if the world of horror was covered the way sports is? What if you favorite icons switched teams, had to deal with press, get drafted and analyzed by some guys who've never played the actual game.
6/27/12 11:46am
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Madden Football - 20 Years of Status Quo (Madden Complaints through the Years)

The Joys and Pains of buying Madden games for years. Every year they seem to add some great things and mess up already working elements while adding many lame features and ignoring core game play.
6/22/12 3:14pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sing Payphone By Maroon 5

I've taken the first three movies and dubbed them to 'Payphone' by Maroon 5.
6/21/12 9:08pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Calypsos Lame Twists (Twisted Metal Endings Parody)

What happens when Calypso can no longer run Twisted Metal and has to take other jobs.
6/19/12 1:26pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Crash Bandicoot deals with rejection and depression

Our old marsupial friend is now facing the future filled with rejection and indifference. While Mario and Sonic can mend fences, how come Crash has to be all alone.
6/18/12 3:22pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

The Videogame Gym

Where Videogame characters go to get in shape.
6/18/12 3:21pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Virtual Ken Griffey Retires from the SNES

Virtual Ken Griffey retires 'Lou Gehrig style". http://vkmtvstudios.tumblr.com/ and subscribe to youtube.
6/17/12 6:54pm
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

Dead Rising - Case Frank West's Boss

Ever wonder what Frank's boss thought of all those pictures Frank took during the Zombie invasion.
6/17/12 5:08am
vkmtvstudios posted a new video

River City Ransom Proposal

Alex and Ryan discover that River City is more Random than Ransom and propose at work what would later become World Cup Soccer. Subscribe here and at http://vkmtvstudios.tumblr.com/