Posted on 7/1/13 3:14am

So, I'm having problems trying to post a blog here. The error messages that show up say that I do not have a thumbnail picture even after I've cropped the picture I was going to use for it. The other big error message is that it's saying I'm getting the captcha word wrong when I know I'm not dumb enough to mess that up, is it case sensitive at all? I would love some help.

wolfboy110 wrote on Waspinator37's profile.
Posted on 12/30/12 7:35pm

hey man think you can make a banner/backround for me?

Posted on 12/18/12 10:01am

Come look at my latest piece of art - The Lonely Doctor

The Doctor, all alone in his travels...

Posted on 11/20/12 10:08pm

I'm going to try and get a little more active. I've been busy with stuff and with wrestling I haven't been able to watch Screwin Around or anything. I want to get active again and that's what I will do.

SpoonMan Abrams X wrote on Waspinator37's profile.
Posted on 10/29/12 2:17am

Sup, Waspinator ;)

Dark Magician wrote on Waspinator37's profile.
Posted on 9/25/12 6:17am

did you enter a video for a Conan O'Brien segment called Ifoundanerror this week?

Posted on 9/23/12 2:43pm

...How is everyone today?

Posted on 9/17/12 6:30am

I'm sorry I've been so distant from the site, I've had things I needed to do in real life.

Posted on 8/18/12 10:03pm

Guys, I got a steam now. I'm late to the party but....I'm finally playing TF2.

Posted on 8/14/12 3:57pm

If there's one thing I could never's play a scary game or watch someone play one...

SpoonMan Abrams X wrote on Waspinator37's profile.
Posted on 8/13/12 12:19am

Welcome to the Sig Maker's Community, Waspinator! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Posted on 8/8/12 11:42pm

I learned how to make a gif in photoshop....Turns out, gifs don't work as banners even though one of the extensions for the banner says gif....*Sigh* I can still make a gif background.

caboose_-1 wrote on Waspinator37's profile.
Posted on 8/8/12 12:44pm

So CanadianBrony says you're the guy to turn to for a kickass banner.

Posted on 8/5/12 11:56am

Before the end of tomorrow...I'm going to have a really cool new banner. I just need time to make it. *Evil laugh*

Posted on 8/4/12 6:43am

I have learned that Wood one of Doctor Wily's favorite robots...I would have never thought that.

Posted on 8/4/12 5:43am

Minecraft Angel Creeper

It's a bird, it's a plane,'s...what the heck is that?!

Posted on 8/3/12 1:26pm
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