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werdman24's 3DS Map: Legacy of the Wizard

Posted 1 year ago on 8/16
Check out this HUGE map of the NES game Legacy of the Wizard I created using my Nintendo 3DS and MS Paint.

werdman24's Comic: Self-Inflicted Warlock Punch

Posted 1 year ago on 7/10
So why did I decide to Warlock Punch myself? Check out this comic to find out.

werdman24's Playthrough: Scooby-Doo Mystery (part 2)

Posted 1 year ago on 5/7
In this level, Scooby-Doo and the gang go to the Fun Fair, only to realize it's closed due to an "evil ghost." Can they solve this mystery in time for some cotton candy and pocorn?

werdman24's Playthrough: Scooby-Doo Mystery (part 1)

Posted 1 year ago on 4/30
Anyone remember this game on the SNES? Follow me in this playthrough of the first level. "The Mystery of the Red Ryan"

werdman24's Artwork: Roof Scorpion

Posted 2 years ago on 3/31
In honor of Chad's and Jared's victory over Predator, I present to you the greatest home security EVAR!!!

Modems: a werdman24 Topic

Posted 2 years ago on 2/23
Has your modem ever crapped out on you? I know mine has from time to time.

werdman24's Soul Calibur V Online Matches

Posted 2 years ago on 2/15
Check me out getting my toes wet in Soul Calibur V's online multiplayer. How well will I do?

Soul Calibur V: a werdman24 Review

Posted 2 years ago on 2/7
"Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords eternally retold"...for about the fifth time already. Is this game worth your time?

werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #3

Posted 2 years ago on 1/23
On this blog, I show you a couple of combos with X-23 on point.

werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #2

Posted 2 years ago on 1/16
This time, I switch up the order of my team for more options.

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