Posted on 6/30/13 11:55pm

Holy crap, how long have I been gone?? ...hard to say really. I don't come here that often.

Posted on 3/22/13 11:45am

Capcom Releases DuckTales Remastered Trailer...with Singalong

See the trailer to believe it, people.

WestCoastGamer92 posted a new video
Posted on 12/28/12 5:48pm

Holidays with Psycho and Friends

That's the last time I host a Christmas Party.

Posted on 12/24/12 2:28pm

Castle Crashers is now under my possession. Can't wait to team up with somebody on Steam.

Posted on 11/16/12 11:12am

TF2 Enters the All Star Races

Does that mean I'll get a Hedgehog Quill Hat, too?

Posted on 11/6/12 11:18pm

Obama Wins....and my dad's butthurt...ON HIS BIRTHDAY...worst birthday ever.

WestCoastGamer92 posted a new video
Posted on 10/30/12 9:59am

Epic Mickey's Clock Tower had a darker, alternate theme

...and I was dumb enough to make Warren Spector's vision come to life!

Posted on 10/19/12 7:47pm

Sonic in Scared Stupid part 2 (a 3-year sequel)

How scared can one Hedgehog get?

Posted on 10/11/12 3:03pm

Is GLaDOS really to blame?

Harry and the Turrets think so.

Posted on 10/6/12 11:43pm

...well I was trying to find a clip of Hard News with an empty seat but the only video I could find, from 1/18/12, was removed from Youtube or wasn't there to begin with. If you guys can help me find a seatless clip, I really appreciate it. After all, this is for Jared.

Posted on 10/2/12 4:52am

I know I should be getting ready for Halloween Horror Nights, but I think a special goodbye present is in order for Jared. Looks like I'll be getting on Garry's Mod tomorrow to make that happen.

WestCoastGamer92 posted a new video
Posted on 9/18/12 5:52pm

Took me about 5 years to reach this milestone!

And it took too long to make! ><

Posted on 9/6/12 12:43pm

Serious question time: Has The Dark Knight Rises become the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

Posted on 9/3/12 7:44pm

The reason I don't do this wall section much is because I don't exactly have many people subscribed to me. I'd love to choose a random topic for posting but no one's gonna notice.

Posted on 8/27/12 1:05am

Mann Up Mode COMPLETE!! Reward: Strange Botkiller Sticky Bomb and another round of Mann Up Mode..........wut?

Posted on 8/16/12 9:24am

Well..back to college.............crap.

Posted on 8/12/12 11:56pm

Top 10 Collab with Polish Valsion - Top Ten Phase 1 Final Boss Themes

We always give the glory to the final boss theme, but sometimes we should appreciate the first part of it, so me and the Polish Valsion want to pay tribute to the ten best.

Posted on 8/12/12 2:17am

My summer is ending soon! I gotta finish that Gmod video!

Posted on 7/25/12 5:03pm

Youtube changed its homepage again.......FUCK.

Posted on 7/18/12 12:44am

Off to a Dodger game tomorrow at 12:10. Won't be back til about 4.

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