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wraith2386's Wall

6/27/13 8:09am
wraith2386 posted a new video

PDKJim2386 - The Good, The Bad And The Let's PLay Announcement

This is the video that's announcing my very first Let's Play on YouTube, Hope You Enjoy.
4/18/13 9:03am
wraith2386 posted a new video

PDKJim2386 - VGR - Defiance

PDKJim2386/Wraith2386 Reviews and voices his opinon on the MMO Third Person Shooter known as Defiance.
4/3/13 7:45am
wraith2386 posted a new video

Top 10 Video Games

PDKJim2386/Wraith2386 Present my Top 10 Video Games
4/3/13 7:40am
wraith2386 posted a new show
Wraith/PDKJim2386's Chaotic Corner

Wraith/PDKJim2386's Chaotic Corner

Here you will find random insanity, Video Game shiznit and maybe on occasion some funny stuff.

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