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Posted on 11/13/13 2:29pm

(Calling All Pixel Artists) The "Pixel Challenge" Challenge #1

It's time to put your Pixelating Skills to work! Challenging All Pixel Artists on ScrewAttack, it's the first "Pixel Challenge!"

Posted on 6/7/13 8:14pm

Retro City Rampage Theme (SNES Remake)

If Retro City Rampage was ported to the SNES, Would it sound something like this?

Posted on 5/5/13 9:20am

NetNerdy's Smorgusblorg Pixel-Art Update.

New Stuff from that NetNerdy guy, wanna see? Preveiws maybe?

Posted on 3/30/13 11:20pm

Anti-Gaming Attorney Jack Thompson passes away (61)

Former Attorney turn Video Game Activist, Jack Thompson, has died, and YA1 Productions pays respect.

Posted on 2/1/13 1:16am

The Mario Bros interview on Atari Bankruptcy

How are the rest of Video Game's Legendary icons reacting on the end of Atari?

Posted on 1/1/13 6:00pm

Twitter thing: A year, started with Creepypasta.Worst idea of the new year.

Posted on 12/26/12 7:02pm

Twitter thing: 2012 year in review - End of world (NOT) and 8-bits, 8-bits everywheres

Posted on 12/25/12 2:03pm

I had something special, but all I got is

Posted on 12/21/12 11:07am

Twitter thing: Happy Mayan New Era!

Posted on 12/7/12 6:27pm

Twitter thing: Is it me, or has Santa been getting shot down a lot this year? Seriously, Santa's has gotten shot down in most of the Christmas Specials I saw. Is there something they're hinting at?

Posted on 11/16/12 10:27pm

Remember the MegaMan Fan Film?

Posted on 11/10/12 4:38pm

Have You seen the following people?

Posted on 11/9/12 1:28pm

Dear forum, Y U NO WORK?!

Posted on 10/31/12 6:09pm

Happy Halloween... ya.

Posted on 10/7/12 10:10am

The Mayan's are somewhat right, This year's are milestones coming. Here's another

Posted on 10/5/12 5:59pm

Handsome Tom realeases LOST ScrewAttack footage. Before Hard News? Humm.

Posted on 9/1/12 11:01pm

What do you all think of my NEW avatar? Should I improve it?

Posted on 8/24/12 11:10pm

Well, *Insert UHF music here*

Posted on 8/13/12 8:42pm <- original idea for video.

Posted on 8/13/12 8:41pm

Finished a couple concept sprites of minimal detail.

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