Posted on 6/5/12 1:05am

You know, I would have enjoyed the Sony E3 press conference a lot more if they didn't spend 30 minutes talking about FRIKKIN BOOKS. Though I suppose that's still a step up from the Kinect Sports crap...

Posted on 6/3/12 5:31pm

Just saw the Wii U on the Nintendo Direct thingy. Gotta say, I'm strongly reconsidering picking one up. I think the final deciding factor will be price and if it plays blurays for an all in one entertainment center experience. I'm just naturally assuming it'll get all the AAA multiplatform games.

Posted on 6/1/12 12:49am

This past week I started my first ever Dragon Quest game (Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2. Found it for 15 bucks). Now whenever I try playing something else, my brain is programmed to press triangle to go back...

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