Posted on 8/5/12 1:08am

Just finished watching The Walking Dead season 2, it just made me want to play Day Z, and hoping that next gen has something similar to day Z for consoles, something that really gives you the feeling of survival.

Posted on 8/4/12 2:11am

I just started playing the first Metroid Prime from the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii, and even though i have played it several times i still enjoy reading every lore and collecting every item. It still amazes me how well designed that game is, from the beautiful landscapes to the exceptionally well writen scans. It's definetly my favorite game of all time.

Posted on 6/27/12 1:42pm

I DID IT. I Beated predator for the Nes in 39 minutes, and again used only one continue, i think i can beat that time, maybe i'll give it a try tomorrow

Posted on 6/27/12 12:37pm

Yesterday i beat predator in about one hour using only one continue, today i'm gonna try to finish it in 40 minutes which means i can't miss a life

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