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Posted on May 28, 2012 - 1:09pm by Godidit

TRANSCRIPT: The public school systems should be a place that accepts all form of artistic expression and creativity, but there is one art form that is being denied the same freedoms as the other creative mediums. I speak, of course, of the Video Game. Video Games have had a long history of being looked down upon and being dismissed as mere "playthings". Only in the last year were Video Games considered art. What makes Video Games so amazing is that Video Games create a world that we can not only peer into, but interact with and explore. there are moments in games when the visuals, music and gameplay combine together perfectly to create an experience unlike any other, an experience that you are part of. This is what makes video games unique from any other form of art. Unfortunately school boards around the country seem to not see the artistic merit of Video Games. School internet filters block anything under the category of "Games". This means Video Game Databases, News sights, Blogs and anything else that is marked under the category will be blocked. To block certain content is one thing, but to block an entire medium is quite another. It isn't so much the block it self as the problem, but what the block represents. The block portrays Video Games in a negative way as "time wasters" with no deeming value. In lifting these blocks we show the importance of games as an art form. The time has come for Schools and Societies to realize the artistic and educational merits of Video Games. The time has come for us to break these blocks of censorship. #AntiArtBlock is an effort to bring attention to the censorship and put it to an end. The plan is to start petitions in schools nation wide. Then once the petitions have a large number of people behind them, we will present them to school boards requesting the blocks be lifted. We will have live demonstrations to spread our message and bring attention to our cause. This movement will continue to spread and grow through networks of gamers throughout the country. The time has come for us to stand up and fight for our medium. Nothing can stop the gamers united!

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