Big Band jazzes up the Skullgirls roster Tuesday

Posted on April 19, 2014 - 1:40pm by Patrick Breeden

Big Band, the first male character for Skullgirls Encore, will be available this Tuesday, April 22.

The character will be free for a limited time, and fans will be able to permanently buy the character at a discounted rate during the promotional period.

Lab Zero Games shared the character’s background in his Youtube trailer.

“Once a regular beat cop known as Ben Birdland, he fell flat when he got on the wrong side of New Meridian's corrupt police force. Birdland was broken and bent out of shape by his former colleagues, but was tuned up by Dr. Avian and ASG Lab 8. Now he is armed with a full ensemble of pneumatic weaponry, transforming him into the full fortissimo instrument of justice: ‘Big Band,’” the official PlayStation Youtube account wrote.

The update is available only for PlayStation 3 at the moment, but Encore may be coming to Xbox 360 very soon. According to Lab Zero, the title of Skullgirls for Xbox 360 recently updated, meaning one of two requirements to get the game back on the Xbox Live Arcade roster is complete.

“Sometime today there was a Title Update for Skullgirls on Xbox360!” Lab Zero wrote on its Facebook page. “This is one of two things required for the game to get updated to Skullgirls Encore. The second thing needed is the mandatory Compatibility Pack DLC, which you have to manually download.”

The developer admitted it doesn’t know when the compatibility pack will be available for Xbox 360, but the assumption is “soon.” It’s also assumed the Squigly and Big Band DLC packs will come shortly after Skullgirls returns to Xbox 360 as Skullgirls Encore.

According to Lab Zero, the Xbox 360 update came as a surprised. The developer wasn’t aware of any changes until fans sent tweets and posted Facebook comments with the news.

Will you buy Big Band and strike up the band?

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