Disney had planned/canceled a Kingdom Hearts animated series back in 2002. Here's the story of the man they brought in to make it, Seth Kearsley

Posted on August 10, 2014 - 10:00am by LordoftheDerp

Some abridged notes for those that that don't want to listen to the full 30 minutes.

  • The pilot in question was actually a seven minute abridgement of what the Agrabah episode would be. This made Kingdom Hearts look even weirder. Somehow.
  • My favorite bit is when he calls the  original pilot script, which was apparently partially written by the head of the Disney TV, crap.
  • The animatic that we have to go on (though not all of it because, Disney Lawyers) was done by Mr. Kearsley alone, though writting was assisted by one of the writers of the first (horrible) draft.
  • Backgrounds (at least in in the pilot phase) were planned to actually be recycled from the films themselves. Here, he was working off Aladdin. How that would have worked for Halloween Town is beyond me.
  • Gladiator Music
  • The love triangle (which most people forget about from the first game) was played up. Again, because Disney.
  • Maleficent had stronger powers comparable to Ansem and Xehanort.
  • Voice recording was done. At least for Maleficent.
  • The pilot tested well, but Disney opted out to eventually do other things (Disney Channel isn't run by the smartest people.)
  • To be fair, though,  the actual reason the show was canceled was to avoid accidentally contradicting the game chronology, because Noruma had begun planning the VARIOUS sequels. Seeing how that turned out, it may have been the right choice after all.

And then they go into a tangent about trying to develop a game adaption.  

Here's what pieces of the storyboard we have to work with.

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