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Gaming This 'N That (TNT) Episode 2 OH is Pokemon not mature enough for you?

7/31/12 3:11pm

Hey, I'm back, and I have another Pokemon based video. The next one won't be, I promise. We'll get to see Mario in that one. Moving on, my last video was about the 5th gen and I felt it was kind of lacking, but I've dwelled on it and beat myself up about it, which prompted me to produc this superior video.

So what is this about? Well, I mention Yu-Gi-Oh in here, but Yu-Gi-Oh isn't the focus. You see, a lot of people stopped playing Pokemon cards when games like Yu-Gi-Oh came out WHERE I GREW UP, and the most predominately used reason was that Pokemon was "GAY" or whatever. Basically the saw it as an immature medium and wanted nothing to do with it anymore, in favor of Yu-Gi-Oh, which at my school was seen as a much more mature game. Really, to me, they're both just games, and shows. BUT I thought about how serious the show Yu-Gi-Oh can be, and also how dark it's undertone is, so I crafted a Pokemon card game episode to compete with what the children of my time wanted. Enjoy. (Yes, this is a satire.)

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