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What is Hadouken Cabs and what's its connection to the PS4?

11/9/13 9:00am

Editor’s Note: As Zero 2 Hero points out, Capcom isn’t planning to develop and release Street Fighter V anytime soon. So I’m guessing (if it’s completely legit) this ad is teasing a PS4 release of Ultra Street Fighter IV with some exclusive content or maybe it could be a PS4/PSN exclusive remake of Street Fighter 1 or some sort of spin-off or perhaps some other form of Street Fighter content. There's no way of knowing just yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out. 

Simple joke or something much more? Just what is this ad trying to convey other than hard-hitting transportation? Maybe some clues in the video will give us something:

  • The license plate: PS1994- The release year of the Playstation 1.
  • The phone number: 0030-1987 KO- 1987 is the year that the original Street Fighter came out for arcades.
  • The "0030" may represent the 30th Anniversary of Capcom. 
  • #4ThePlayers​- Since this is a Sony commercial, this means that whatever's going to happen will be for the PS4.

With these subtle clues within this 31 second video, my guess is that to compete with the Xbox One and its fighting title 'Killer Instinct', the Street Fighter series will become exclusive to the PlayStation 4, or at least its next game will be in 2018! This would be huge news, but may also be a huge mistake for Capcom. The game company is already in financial thin ice right now, so straying away from its multiplatform approach could damage sales of future titles.

Check out the website for more: http://hadoukencabs.com/

Comment Question: So what do you make of this mock commercial? Is there more behind it, or is it nothing more than that: a mock parody? 

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