LordX's Top 10 Games of 2012

Posted on December 13, 2012 - 5:37am by Lordx1095

A little video I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. Any other year I would just do a blog post somewhere to say my top 10, but decided to do it in video form this year... x) kinda inspired by Craig & Nick and their top 10 videos I guess.

This list is just my own opinion... Mostly my favorites of this year; so not saying that these are the absolute best of the best.

You have your own opinions and I would love to hear them! Post a comment or a video response of your top 10 games this year; I would love to hear it =) Lord knows we'll disagree on a lot, but maybe we'll agree on a lot too!

All footage for the games was recorded by me using my own copies. The images used were taken from google (I honestly can't remember where exactly I got each... if I do I'll post links).

All games belong to their rightful developers and publishers. Support them and the gaming industry by buying copies today! They are all awesome (even the ones I mention at the end of the video) and you should totally play them today... Because gaming is awesome!

Thank you all for watching

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