Mo Didley - The Dark Knight Rises Batman Song

Posted on August 1, 2012 - 1:30pm by lonearcherfilms

Mo Didley is back with his first original song to celebrate the release of the dark knight rises!


this time next week, the new Batman will be out
So why instead of celebrating, do I feel this seed of doubt?
It doesn't make much sense, cuz the first two rocked my balls
But when it comes to the third entry, some studios drop the ball
I'm talkin spider-man 3, I mean... What the hell was that?
They cast that douche from "That 70's show" to play venom it was total crap!
Let's not forget Godfather 3, ninja turtles, superman and jaws 3D
That was worse than hepatitis C, but at least rocky 3 had Mr T!

Batman better kick ass, better rock my world
Better be the sweetess thing I've ever seen
And rock my hairy balls!
Cat woman better be cool, not suck at all
I know that Bane will be way better than in 'Batman & Robin'

Verse Two
But I know that you're worried, through the hype it's hard to see
When I'm at the box office, I'll say shut up and take my money!

Batman is gonna kick ass, gonna rock my world
Gonna be the sweetess thing I've ever seen, and rock my hairy balls!
At the end of the film, I'll need to see a doctor
Cuz I know it's not normal to have a three hour boner!

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