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PAX 12 - Guacamelee Developer Walkthrough

9/7/12 7:54pm

Guacamelee is an indie-developed brawler for the PSN.

It's a lot more than just a beat-em-up though. The video doesn't get show a whole lot of it, but there's a great emphasis on platforming and exploration, too. You see a little bit of the platforming ideas during the monster chase. The ability to transform into a chicken was described by the developers as like "Samus' Morph Ball", allowing you to enter smaller areas. Every time you get a new ability, you're encouraged to go back and find new locations.

It's pretty cool in that sense. The fighting was solid for what Bryan and I played, and the Metroidvania style gameplay makes it unique. I would like to see more of the exploration stuff, but for what we got to see, very promising.

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