Retro Hunters Tribute Hunt: "Five Dollar Challenge Extravaganza"

Posted on October 25, 2012 - 9:00am by AsaiNeroTran

Musical Credits (in order of play)
  • Retro Hunters Intro, by Spelling Phailer
  • Breakout, from 3D Dot Game Heroes Original Soundtrack
  • Crash Man Theme, from Mega Man II Original Soundtrack
  • Playing in the Background, by Spelling Phailer
  • Summer Shorts, by Spelling Phailer
Special note from Asai:

I first had the pleasure of talking to Rob and Josh back in early- to mid-2011. I had never seen their content before and I just thought they were cool guys. I then discovered their show through the community showcase back on Version 4, and I was blown away. It wasn't that the production value was amazing back then (they were still using the flip) or that it was masterfully edited together. In fact, it was the simplicity that made the show endearing to me. All you had was two guys who love video games and one person on a flip camera, all at the flea market looking for sweet deals. It was real, and it felt like you got to know Josh and Rob through the show because there wasn't any superficial barrier.

Fast forward to early 2012 and that was the first time I got to collaborate with them (and Pontus/Spelling Phailer) via the 7-Star Dudecast. It was actually my first time ever on a podcast and it was way awesome. In fact, it was so awesome I was invited back again for the follow-up Dudecast (where something I said was actually used as the title). Unfortunately, this would be the last time I collaborated with them. Two months ago, Rob announced the retirement of The Retro Hunters, and all things related. In the weeks prior, there was talk of possibly more collaborations between me and the guys (including being a permanent seat for the Dudecast), but nothing came of it. I'm not saddened, however. It was Rob and Josh's own decision, and as a friend, I am completely supportive of their desire to move on to future endeavors.

So Rob, Josh, thank you for two years of Retro Hunting goodness, and even more years worth of memories. Maybe someday, we can have a reunion episode or a special Dudecast return, but for now, I wish you the best. And regardless of where you're heading on these new paths, I know it'll be totally rad, and you know I've got your backs. =]

-Asai Nero Tran

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