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Starcraft Explained Episode One - Erzz (T) v Doucher (Z)

7/1/12 2:05am

Hello, and Welcome to Starcraft Explained: The only show dedicated to not only casting games for you, the players, but your friends, families, and anyone else who you want to share the game with.

The problem with most current esports casters is that they commentate for people who know the game as well as they do, but forget about the rest. thus, if a person who hasnt played the game before watches a cast, they quickly become lost, confused, and discouraged. This show aims to change that.

My ultimate goal is to get to a point were i can show a video to my non-gamer girlfriend and have her be able to understand the match as she would if she was watching any other sports game. maybe after a few episodes, shed understand enough to come to Barcraft. Maybe shes the next biggest DesRow fan. Who knows.

Esports for All!

If you want your games casted, send your replays to ast_onok@hotmail.com.

Cheers guys, I'm Out

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