This Is War (Noxus vs Demacia - Battle of the Bands)

Posted on October 11, 2013 - 3:40pm by A Zero 2 Hero

Continuing on with my sudden trend of League of Legends content, I have to ask: Which side are you on- Noxus or Demacia? Did you even know there was backstory to one of the most popular games rising out in the MLGeez? With over a hundred champions to choose from, each with a backstory of their own, yeah the lore of LoL is..pretty big. But whether you're a fan of the lore or just go straight to the game, here is this badass collab song that I'm sure all kinds of League fans will appreciate featuring the two warring factions.

Now on to the long-ass credits for this piece:

Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Written, Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Josef Falkensköld

Additional Guitars/Vocals - Martin Floberg (

Darius - Rawb (

Garen - Draggles/Ben Forbes (

Galio - Kenny/AntiRivet (
Swain - Josef Falkensköld
Draven - Kenny/AntiRivet
Lux - LilyPichu (
Chorus/Outro Vocals - Josef Falkensköld, Martin Floberg, Ben Forbes

First Solo - Martin Floberg (

Second Solo - Miles Roozen/UberGuitarDude (

Beat assistant - Martin Gavelin (
Violin - Anton Teljebäck

Video Editing - Sonny Williams/Sonny Psydup (



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