We've always said ScrewAttack is the greatest website in the world and in 2012 we're going to prove it!

It's real simple: in 2012 we're taking on six gaming websites in friendly video game competitions.  We're taking the ScrewAttack show on the road, literally going to each of the websites' home cities - all they need to do is show up.  The best part is that YOU'RE INVITED!  We want the ScrewAttack g1s and the community of the websites we're facing to come and have a great time as well.  

So who are we challenging?  We're only announcing one challenge at a time so when one ends, another will begin.   Here's the tentative schedule for 2012:


Who - The number 1 subscribed gaming chanel on youtube: Machinima.com.  We're competing on three games: NBA Jam On Fire Edition (Xbox 360), Bomberman 2 (SNES) and Skeeball.  Yep, skeeball.

Where - Dave and Buster's in Arcadia California.

When - The action goes down Tuesday, Febraury 21st  from 6pm - 10pm.  From 6pm - 8pm we're hanging out with you guys and playing games. The competition starts at 8pm!  After that, who knows!

Remember, YOU'RE INVITED! Come out and join in on the fun - all ages are welcome!  If you're under 21 make sure to come with someone over 21.  

April - ???

June - ???

August - ???

October - ???

December - ???

Keep checking for dates, locations and of course who we're challenging! 

More details announced soon!


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